Free Consultation

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For Builders

  • Job site meeting with the client
  • On site framing consultation
  • Builder Discounts and network rebates
  • Correct closet size and door placement consultation
  • Blue print proposals for an accurate budget allowance
  • Maintain closet install time line
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Quick turn around times
  • Wire Shelving Distributor

For Homeowners

  • Free In Home, Phone and Email Consultations
  • Referral based discounts
  • Competitive design pricing
  • Old product removal
  • Patching / Painting services
  • Trim work services
  • Clutter removal Service
  • Green product availability
  • Wire Shelving Options

Free and painless in home consultations

We like to think our customers get everything they hope for out of every project we deliver. A little advice and direction mingled with our customer’s needs, is the perfect formula in going from expectations to overjoyed sensations! We believe the best designs are designed around your space, style and budget. We’ve got organization down to a science.

We strive to deliver your closet proposal and designs within 24 hours of the consultation. Some companies will wait until you receive your last bid before delivering theirs to you. We don’t believe in holding bids or wasting your time!

Complete closet transformations

So it’s time to overhaul your overstuffed, outdated and under utilized closet? Your first step is to spend your saturday tearing out the old system, calling painters to patch the holes and repaint the walls and spending the next Saturday at the hardware store shopping for a new lighting fixture. You can go thru all of that or just let us take care of everything. Thats right. The only closet company to offer full service for every aspect of the closet. We know. Sounds too easy, right? It is.


Best Price Guarantee

With so many closet companies to choose from, the task of choosing the right one can be daunting. We fabricate all of our own materials in house. We also position our pricing at a level that sustains our business and growth, while still maintaining affordability with our clients. Inevitably, we wont always be the lowest in the business. If you receive a lower estimate for the exact same scope of work, we guarantee to beat that price.

Have an upcoming Renovation?

We can work with you to achieve your dream closet way before you even pick up the sledgehammer or hire a contractor. We will design the best layout for your new space. This helps better plan for the renovation and budget before the closet becomes an afterthought.