Week of 3/20/17


This week, our installers finished up on some built-in shelves in three, large, walk-in closets.

While these built-ins look very different in design, they truly show how unique each and every St Charles Custom Closet is.

Although the floor of the walk in closet below was not yet finished, once the built-ins were installed, the closet was already coming together.

These three pictures below show our white built in cubbies, drawers, and shelves, as well as multiple clothesracks, and a wire pull-out basket.





These next three pictures were taken in a very different walk in closet at our client’s home on Chicago Street. Again, the pictures showcase many shelves, clothes hanging space, and pull-out storage underneath, while showcasing a different finish, Spring Blossom.





Last, but most definitely not least, the pictures below show a stunning built in closet set we installed on Wednesday. The color scheme of the built in, along with the colors of the wall and the floor make the finished product a very sleek, walk-in closet.




That’s all for this week’s post!

I will be posting another entry very soon focusing on the topic of myths and misconeptions commonly held about the custom closet industry.

– Courtney