Week of 3/13/17

Good morning, everyone!

This week, our skilled team of installers finished up a variety of projects for our clients.

These first two pictures show how a little bit of added storage can go a long way. We squeezed this cabinet and additional pull out drawers in between the washing machine and the wall in our client’s laundry room. As you can see, by adding storage space, our client now has plenty of room for laundry and cleaning supplies.

Below is another laundry room in which our team installed white cabinets and storage shelves to add to the contrast of the room, while simultaneously providing our client with organized space for supplies.

Next is a spacious, walk in pantry with multiple shelves and three, wire basket pull out drawers. A pantry like this works organizational wonders for families with kids of all ages.

These next pictures show three seperate built in storage spaces that our team installed on Tuesday, 3/14.

This beautiful reach in closet is hidden behind two, floor-to-ceiling, sliding mirror doors.

This built in hallway closet provides storage for jackets, coats, scarves, shoes, and other accessories.

Another reach in closet in one of the bedrooms, perfect for hanging clothes not worn on a daily basis.


Below are four pictures of two walk in closets taken from different angles. The built in storage spaces that you see in the pictures below were manufactured and installed by our team at St Charles Closets.





Thanks for reading this week’s update. Please leave any feedback in the comments, and feel free to let us know if there are any specific topics you would like to see blogged about here.

– Courtney