More about us: St. Charles Closets

St. Charles Closets has been in business for over 30 years. Since starting out small, we have become the fastest growing closet company in the Chicagoland area. Our team at St. Charles Closets consists of many exceptional people who each bring an array of experience, skill and dedication to the company. Whether an office associate, shop technician, designer or manager, together we have perfected the business of  designing, manufacturing and installing truly amazing closets and space organization solutions in homes across the Chicagoland area.

Meet our team of talented individuals:

Paul, the owner of the company, has worked in the closet industry since 1999. It is his vast career in the company that has enabled him to come to know the closet world inside and out. His dedication to offering only the best in service, design, materials and installation is what has allowed the company to grow increasingly year after year with little to no advertising. He believes in offering an exceptional product at an unmatched fair price.

Mike L, our Project Manager, brings all of our amazing custom designs to life. Taking a beautiful design and breaking it down to manufacturing codes so the shop machinery and staff can build the jobs in the most efficient way possible. Mike works closely with our shop technicians and installers to ensure each job is on time and ready for installation.

Kristina, our local designer, brings 15 years of closet design experience to the company. Her keen eye for detail and knowledge of products we offer allows her to incorporate space efficiency and practicality into each design, delivering a design that not only looks amazing but is very functional as well.

Susan, our northern Chicagoland designer, incorporates her 29 years in the closet industry into each closet design she produces. Specializing in a truly custom design, Susan makes sure each client has a place for everything and everything in its place. Her long career here makes her truly great at her job.

Courtney, our in house marketing associate, works to make St. Charles Closets a name people will recognize. Her creativity in branding and marketing helps spread awareness of our truly remarkable company, amongst all of our big franchised competitors. With her efforts, we are growing to become your number one source for closets in the Chicagoland area.

Josh, our Shop Manager, oversees the entire wood shop operation. Serving not only as manager of the warehouse, Josh is also our chief purchasing agent for the company. His meticulous eye for detail ensures nothing leaves the shop that isn’t up to our unusually high standards. His ability to purchase the highest quality materials at lower pricing is what helps keep our costs down.

Carlos, our lead Installer, brings an unparalleled skill for closet installations. His ability to build an amazing piece of furniture, while limiting the visibility of fasteners as well as defects in existing walls, ceiling and floors is what makes him an asset to the team. His customer skills makes him a joy to work with on the site and keeps our customer’s happy.

Mike M, our senior installer, works closely with all other installers to ensure they are meeting our strict install and safety procedures. His years of experience installing brings a higher level of excellence to each finished product and a truly remarkable customer experience.

Nolan, Tim, Todd and Edgar, consist of our core install teams. Hand-picked by Carlos and trained by Mike M. according to our company standards, each of these installers are experienced and extremely professional, independent, careful and courteous.